I was first diagnosed with NF about 20 years ago. At that time the NF was not that bad so I did not continue to see a doctor about it. As I got older more bumps began to show. I was able to get some bumps removed but because the doctor was only allowed to remove three at a time it became a long drawn out affair. Since the doctor did not offer any other help I discontinued seeing him.

At my job I work with many different kinds of people and some of them complained to my boss about my appearance and the bumps. I told her this was a non-contagious nerve disorder and I was able to continue working.

At that time I went to a doctor who worked in genetics and he was very helpful. Eventually I was referred to Dr. Manfred Ziesmann. He has been very helpful in every way. He has done regular surgeries and has had a very supportive attitude. He used laser treatment for the removal of some bumps but since they returned after laser surgery he has stopped using it.

At work my boss has been very supportive for which I am truly thankful. Most of my clients do not ask about it and if they do I try to explain what NF is. My sister-in-law, who is a nurse in BC, found out about the NF support group on the Internet. I am very thankful for the Support Group. I have spoken mostly to Stephanie. She has been a great support and friend. I have also appreciated Tracy and Christa for their help.

I am very glad to meet others in this group. It is comforting to know about others with NF and that I do not have to walk this road alone. Although it causes some people to stare I try not top let it bother me. I thank you for letting me share my story.